Wtf is the gm(48)?

gm(48) is a quarterly game jam held by the community of /r/gamemaker, in which the participants use the integrated development environment GameMaker to create games in a 48 hour period. At the start of every quarter, two 1 week long rounds of voting period occur so that the community can vote for the jam's theme.

Neat, how do I enter?

To participate in gm(48), you must create your game using GameMaker and upload it to this site within the 48-hour period. No sign-up required.

Wow, that's it?

It's that easy, but in order to encourage community involvement and provide a pleasant experience for everyone, we have a few rules:

  • Participants must review and rate at least 5 other games in order for their own game to be judged.
  • All artistic content present in the game must be created within the 48 hours allotted. Personal photos and recordings, textures of derivative nature, content generators, fonts, logos, brands and instrument samples are the only exceptions to this rule and may only be used if you or your team have the legal right to do so.
  • Games must not contain obscene, illegal, racist, or offensive content.

We encourage participants to use any and all tools at their availability, as long as the code and execution is done in GameMaker, and we require participants to list any extensions or engines used.

Okay, my awesome game is done, what now?

Every participant that wishes for their game to be eligible to win must submit it to the website before the end of the 48 hours allotted. After the 48 hours, there will be a short phase of internal review and management, after which we open up for rating.

No participant will be allowed to update their submitted game entry for any reason whatsoever after the 48-hour period has ended. Bugs, mistakes and any other errors present in the submitted game entries are considered a crucial part of the rating procedure.

So, how do I win?

Every game submitted is rated in 7 categories on a 0-to-10 point scale:

  • Art - The level of artistry in the graphics, design, and style of the art.
  • Gameplay - The quality of the level design, game balance, fun, and experience.
  • Immersion - The ability of the gameplay, story, world, and characters to engage the player.
  • Innovation - The amount of originality present in the game's design, art, and story.
  • Sound - The presence of quality sound effects and engaging music.
  • Stability - The responsiveness of the controls and the technical integrity of the game.
  • Theme - The extent to which the game is centered around the given theme.

In order to win, you must achieve the highest average sum of all categories.


Suggest themes and first round of voting
Second round of voting
gm(48) starts!
gm(48) ends... and rating opens.
Rating is closed, winners are announced.

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