A rhythm game controlled with only one button.


Raphael Schaaf

The player has to help a human labrat escape a weird facility. But his only way to interact with them is to switch physics on & off!

K'baab's Haunted Tower

Chi Pass Games

Help K'baab the Wizard escape his tower, which has been taken over by a horde of ghosts. Twin stick controller support.



Pollution is quickly filling up the facility and you need to escape through the exit...but which exit is real?!

Lunar Guardian


You're stranded on the moon, fight you way back to freedom and escape... or can you?

Dino Escape


NOW IN HTML5 :) If you like water, you should play this game. Dinosaur included. Oh!.. and you can bite!.. or can you?

Space Blocks


You have chrashed on an unkown plant, you have to escape!

Colour Tower

Josh Yaxley

Bounce your way out of the dreaded Colour Tower, and don't let yourself fall into the grasp of the deadly spectral energy.

Where Am I?

Telefrag Entertainment

Where am I? How did I get here? How do I ESCAPE???

Run Little Ball Run

Tommaso D'Argenio

A little game where you have to tilt the window in order to guide the ball through the various floors to get to the bottom floor on the green door to win and pass the level

Don't Lose Hope


You are a ghost trying to escape to the after world. Navigate through the maze to the door to escape!



The player is dropped into a strange dark world. Reach the exit by avoiding the virus clouds and beating the microgame popups


Bread Clip

Claim the idol and attempt to escape the temple with your life! Will you get rich, or perish in the ruins?


Frozen Stick

Escape this weird,dark yet cool land.Can you find all of the 6 rhymes?

Catch That Kid!

Vinnie, BaconBoy, & Buttons

While Mom is chit-chatting away, the children will... fill the cart with toys! Sneak around, grab loot, and throw it in the cart, all before Mom finds out!

Monkey Oddity

El Pastor Team

Following the tragic events of 20XX, humanity was wiped from planet Earth, remaining only the elite unity of its distant cousins, the EscApes.


Scott Richards

You play a robot that has been thrown into a trash compactor. Time to escape!

Prison Escape: Help El Churro escape by tunnel


Help the drug lord El Churro maintain his low profile in his prison cell while his lackeys build a tunnel from a building of your choice from the surrounding Countryside.

Resume Quest

Light in the Basement Games

Your job sucks. Long hours and low pay. Find your resume pages, get the key card, and escape from work to find a better job elsewhere.



The city is burning to the ground. Get out before it's too late! Controls: "A" = Left, "D" = Right. SPACE = Jump

Ugly Boy


Now is your chance! Sneak past the guards, grab the key, and escape!

Wandered Soul


While returning home you suddenly find yourself trapped in a maze. Can you find the way out? How far is your home and how long until you can reach it? Move with W,A,S,D. Use Mouse Right and Mouse Left to turn the floor. Use ...


Andrew Lindsay

A decidedly odd interactive short story about John West, a lawyer with a dubious history who becomes trapped... in a video game. This video game, to be precise. Note: The game's narrative may instruct you to quit at certain points. Doin...



Use your glowing sword to escape from the lab and slay at least 3 different kinds of enemies in this extremely difficult action platformer game.

Underworld Prison

Balbino Aylagas

You have fallen in a underworld prison because mole people dont like earth people. They will keep throwing rocks at you, so you have to move fast. Go in the rooms looking for the keys to the prison. D labels are doors press E to open them. ...

Cave Escape

Denis Garcia

You are trap in a cave, you must find the white hole the get home safe.

Square Run

Carl Valenz

El juego consta de 8 niveles para completar. Se utiliza solamente el ratón. derecha e izquierda.

Prison Flight

Hule Studios & FalcsStuff

A prison flight launch game.

Lab Rat

Secret Freeze

The player takes the role of an alien test subject, captured for research. Solve the lab's puzzles to make your way to your escape!

The Big Top


Become Sasha, the plucky and annoying Russian acrobat in his quest to free animals from captivity and escape from the circus! Free every animal on the first six stages to unlock more levels and a secret ending!


Gent Dev

This is a little game where you push the box to escape from lava. Control: click to move your box.

Cloud Climber


Life is boring. Good thing your imagination is strong and can be an escape from reality... Also clouds are fun.


Brimstoner and InjuredBovine

It's Friday! The weekend is almost here, but you are stuck in school all day. Travel away from the boredom of class and into your imagination where time flies and doodles come to life. Ward off your teachers' barrage of knowledge to make th...

Heat Rises


Jump to the top of the tower to escape the rising flames.

Space Pirates: Escape

Asger G. Hvid

You are a space pirate, raiding planets. Speed is the deciding factor, as you have to escape with you hard acquired loot.

Science Mishap


Try not to drown

Smoothie Galaxy


An adventure game in a unknown planet



Citadel is a game about exploring a citadel, fighting monsters, avoiding dangerous traps, and hopefully escaping the darn place!



You need to escape from your imprisonment and get to the free world!

Musician's Mind

Bee Tracks

You are Creativity in a musician's mind. Escape creative block by finding the 5 sounds. Listen where they are coming from to find them. [please use headphones for better experience]

Ice Cube Escape


Slide your way through deadly obstacles!



Manually submitted by the moderators.

Sun Run X


The sun is exploding! You have to escape to survive! Dodge asteroids, get power ups, Escape the sun! Do you have what it takes to be a Sun Runner?


ELP Games

You wake in an unfamiliar laboratory with a pounding headache and no memory. Can you escape?

Day of the Zs


In the zombie apocalypse it's just a matter of time when last Safezone will fall... Play as one of four characters, unlock their special items, and escape from zombie horde!


Gerardo Pratico'

You're an ape ragequitting at your pc, just like in real life, avoid stuff with your mouse and try to win.

Path of Dismay


Exploration of space drove humanity to colonize other planets and for centuries humanity thrived. Then was the first contact, 400 years ago... Peace lasted for 27 years until it was found out that the aliens had found ample supply of materi...

Rocket Flood

Ajmal Rizni

Escape the flood by rocket jumping your way up the world.


Philip Rousseau

In this action shooter rogue-like the player controls one of two robots trying to escape a prison that seems to change every time they try to escape

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